Research Groups

Research Groups

Lithium Quantum Gas Microscope
Using quantum gas microscopy of fermionic 6-Li atoms, we are exploring the intriguing physics of the Fermi Hubabrd model and its associated phase diagram. Our unique setup allows for a full spin and density resolved imaging at the single atom level. more
Strontium Cavity Quantum Gas Microscope
In April 2015, we started a new lab with the aim of studying many-body quantum physics with ultracold strontium atoms in optical lattices. Our lab is located at the Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics in Garching. more
Dipolar Quantum Gas of NaK Molecules
After a decade-long effort, we have created a degenerate gas of 23Na40K ground-state molecules by assembling a degenerate mixture of sodium and potassium atoms in 2021. We are going to study dipolar quantum many-body systems in a strongly-interacting regime with long-ranged and anistropic interactions in optical lattices.  more
The 87Rb quantum-gas microscope
We spatially resolve and manipulate ultracold atoms in an optical lattice. Addressing of individual lattice sites is achieved through a high resolution optical imaging system, which allows for the detection and manipulation of cold atoms with sub-wavelength resolution. more
Ultracold atoms in a honeycomb optical lattice
In this experiment, we use ultracold atoms in a graphene-like honeycomb lattice to realize a clean and highly tunable system in which to probe topological effects that are difficult to study in solid state systems. more
Ultracold Ytterbium in optical lattices
This new setup uses Ytterbium atoms to generate quantum gases with novel properties. These atoms have a more complex internal structure than Alkali atoms, which allows for state-dependent interaction with light and other atoms. more
Strontium Rydberg Lab
We will combine the large-scale clean systems realizable in optical lattices with versatility and control featured by optical tweezer systems to perform analog and digital quantum simulations of spin models and Hubbard systems with extended-range interactions. more
FermiQP aims at realizing a new and scalable hybrid platform for analogue quantum simulation and digital quantum computing, thus combining the advantages of both concepts in one machine. more


Independent Research Groups

Atomic Quantum Matter
We are an experimental research group studying quantum gases in optical lattices. Our goal is to get a better understanding of strongly correlated systems through single-particle resolved manipulation and detection of ultracold atoms. more
Quantum Matter Interfaces
The independent research group Quantum Matter Interfaces aims to study the connection of assembled arrays of laser-cooled atoms to novel interfaces with optical photons. Next to the realization of measurement-based controlled feedback on quantum systems – the basis of quantum error correction – our aim is also to study novel interactions and the generation of entanglement in quantum many-body systems. more



Cs Quantum Gas Microscope
This is a collaboration with the group of Monika Aidelsburger. We have built a new Quantum Gas Microscope experiment with bosonic Caesium atoms at LMU to study topological many-body phases of matter. We will make use of the unique possibilities offered by high-resolution imaging techniques to investigate topological many-body phenomena in these lattices. more
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