Zoom Lecture by Prof. Immanuel Bloch: Realizing Feynman’s Dream of a Quantum Simulator

Zoom Lecture by Prof. Immanuel Bloch about the basic principles of quantum physics, given at the "60 years of the laser and the international day of light" celebration an MPQ.

A film team from the TV show "El cazador de cerebros" (the brain hunters) of the spanish television station RTVE explains quantum physics in an understandable way. (only available in spanish) more

Immanuel Bloch - Realizing Feynman’s Dream of a Quantum Simulator

Lecture by Professor Immanuel Bloch at the Molecular Frontiers Symposium "Light at the Nanoscale: from Molecules to Quantum Computers" at Chalmers University of Technology, December 2019.

Impression from our group retreat  to Benediktbeuern in 2018

Physics in the state theater Mainz:
Kälter geht (fast) nicht

The Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics aims to share recent research topics with a broad audience. For that reason they started this series of lectures.
(lecture only available in German)

Immanuel Bloch Harvey Prize Laureate 2015 at Technion

Prof. Immanuel Bloch of the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Harvey Prize Laureate 2015, ceremony at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, June 5, 2016 lecture at ceremony.

Prof. Dr. Immanuel Bloch – Simulated Quantum Worlds

Hector Fellow Immanuel Bloch is one of the leading researchers in the field of quantum physics. He investigates ultracold quantum gases at temperatures near absolute zero. Prof. Bloch’s research in this new interdisciplinary field opens up innovative and highly promising approaches – they could i.a. form the basis for novel quantum computers. Prof. Bloch is member of the Hector Fellow Academy.
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