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Andre Heinz, MPQ
We report on the design, assembly and characterization of a
monolithic, in-vacuum optical cavity to enhance the power in optical
lattices more

Joannis Koepsell, MPQ
The strong background fluorescence of adjacent layers inherently limits
the single-particle resolved microscopy of quantum gases to a single
two-dimensional layer more

Simon Hollerith, MPQ
Rydberg macrodimers - molecules consisting of two bound highly excited
Rydberg atoms - provide huge bond lengths even resolvable with optical


Mikhael Shalaev, Duke University
Rapid development of nano-fabrication techniques in recent years enabled the possibility to create structures on the nanometer scale with dimensions comparable and even much smaller than light wavelength. more

Roman Bause, MPQ
In our experiments, many integrated circuits like digital-analog
converters (DAC) typically require communication with a control device
in order to program them or read out data. more

Akira Kamijo, MPQ and Renhao Tao, MPQ
Ultra-cold polar molecules in their ground state offer unique possibilities to investigate quantum many-body systems due to their long-ranged dipole-dipole interaction. more

Timon Hilker, U. Cambridge
Homogeneous quantum gases are an ideal platform to investigate out-of-equilibrium processes in real time. more

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