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Group Seminar at MPQ:  Masters work in Andrea Bertoldi’s group

Tajamul Islam, Institut d'Optique Graduate School
Semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes are one dimensional (1D) quantum nanostructures, and their unique optical properties arise from stable 1D excitons with huge binding energies. more

Group Seminar at LMU: Random multipolar driving: tunably slow heating through spectral engineering

Hongzheng Zhao, MPIPKS Dresden
Driven quantum systems may realize novel phenomena absent in static systems, but driving-induced heating can limit the timescale on which these persist. more

Group Seminar via Zoom: Ultrafast dynamics of an electron and coherent EUV generation driven by an intense laser pulse

Yang Hwan Kim, Center for Relativistic Laser Science, Korea
In this presentation, I will present ultrafast electron dynamics facilitated by high-power femtosecond lasers.


Group Seminar at MPQ: Microwave-shielded polar molecules

Prof. Tao Shi, Chinese Academy of Science
We analytically show that the effective interaction potential between microwave-shielded polar molecules consists of an anisotropic van der Waals-like shielding core and a modified dipolar inter- action. more

Group seminar at MPQ: Simulating Lattice Gauge Theories with Ultracold Atoms

Prof. Zhen-Sheng Yuan, University of Science and Technology of China
Gauge theories implement fundamental laws of physics by local symmetry constraints. more

Group Seminar at LMU: Observation of vibrational dynamics in an Ion-Rydberg molecule by a high-resolution ion microscope

Moritz Berngruber, University of Stuttgart
I will talk about my work on our ion microscope at the University of Stuttgart. more

Special Group Seminar at MPQ: Inverse designed & heterogeneously integrated solid-state photonic systems

Geun Ho Ahn, Stanford
The potential to enable novel classical and quantum technologies at scale through the miniaturization of complex optical systems into solid-state on-chip systems is immense. more

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