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Michael Sentef, Theory, MPI Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg
Light-induced superconducting optical responses have been experimentally observed in a variety of materials, including high-T_c cuprates [1,2] and alkali-doped fullerides [3,4] more

Prof. Titus Neupert,  University of Zurich
While driven interacting quantum matter is generically subject to heating and scrambling, certain classes of systems evade this paradigm. more

Christoph Rupprecht, Uni Würzburg
Group meeting via video conference (Zoom)
Tuesday, December 1st, 9:00 (MEZ) more

Florian Meinert, Universität Stuttgart
I will report on our endeavor to control single Rydberg atoms immersed in degenerate atomic gases. more

Dimitry Yankelev, Weizmann
Cold atom interferometers are among the most sensitive instruments in measuring inertial forces, such as gravity, gravity gradients, accelerations and rotations. more

Maximilian Ammenwerth, IAP Bonn
I present fluorescence imaging of 87Rb atoms inside an optical cavity using the Raman imaging technique, that is based on detecting the repumper fluorescence during Raman sideband cooling. more

Yi-Xiang Liu, MIT
Advanced control techniques are required to make full use of the quantum
sensor and extract all the sensing target information. more

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