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Elmar Haller, University of Strathclyde
Fluids with a position-dependent interaction strength do frequently occur at boundaries between phases of matter, e.g. between a liquid and a gas phase, or at junctions in condensed matter physics

Marco Di Liberto, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels
Bound states of two interacting particles moving on a lattice can exhibit remarkable features that are not captured by the underlying single-particle picture. We will first review several topological phenomena for two-body bound states with onsite interactions. more

Philipp Preiss, Heidelberg University, Germany
The emergence of collective modes from single-particle excitations is one of the most striking features of strongly interacting systems. Understanding such excitations is an ongoing challenge in nuclear physics, correlated electron systems, and high-energy physic more

Darrick Chang, ICFO Barcelona
Traditional quantum interfaces between atomic ensembles and light have relied upon disordered three-dimensional atomic gases. Recently, however, there have been significant efforts toward exploring whether ordered arrays of atoms can give rise to qualitatively different quantum optical phenomena and functionality, specifically due to strong interference in light emission arising from spatial ordering. more

Clara Bachorz, Imperial College, UK
Establishing a successful long-lived quantum memory is an essential stepping stone to many quantum communications applications. more

The nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center in diamond is a promising nanoscale quantum sensor for temperature, strain, electric and magnetic fields. Its applicability as a tool to investigate novel materials of interest has sparked widespread attention. more

Recent developments in atomic, molecular and optical systems have enabled unprecedented access to novel out-of-equilibrium phenomena---even in strongly interacting many-body systems. Such techniques have led to an explosion of excitement in this field, with particular attention being given to periodically driven systems. more

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