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Group seminar at MPQ and Zoom: Shifting ions with a global beam

Akhil Kumar, Weizman Instiute of Science, Israel
Quantum simulators permit the study of sizeable spin systems in a programmable fashion, which are beyond the computational reach of classical simulation. Trapped-ion systems are well-suited for studying
spin systems. more

Group seminar at MPQ and Zoom: Trap-assisted bound states and chaos in ultracold atom-ion collisions

Meirav Pinkas, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
A hybrid system combining ultracold atoms and ions can be used for studying collisions between a single pair of particles in the ultracold regime. more

Group seminar at MPQ and Zoom: The maximum refractive index of optical materials: from quantum optics to quantum chemistry

Prof. Dr. Darrick Chang, ICFO Barcelona, Spain
t is interesting to observe that all known optical materials have a refractive index that is of order unity at visible/telecom wavelengths. more

Group seminar at MPQ and Zoom: Resource-efficient photonic quantum computation with high-dimensional cluster states

Ohad Lib, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Photonic measurement-based quantum computation enables universal and fault-tolerant quantum computing via single qubit measurements and classical feedforward on an entangled cluster state. more

Group seminar at MPQ and Zoom: Geometrically frustrated Rb atom arrays in Rydberg states for quantum many-body simulation

Weikun Tian, National University of Singapore
Spin-frustrated lattices are an interesting class of condensed matter systems to study, where exotic quantum phenomena such as thequantum spin liquid phase and spin glasses have been predicted to exist. more

Special Group Seminar at MPQ and Zoom: Boosting performance of quantum algorithms using autonomous error-suppression

Andre Carvalho, Q-trl
In this talk we show how quantum control delivered by software can improve hardware performance at various levels of the stack. more

Group Seminar Double Feature at LMU and Zoom: 1) Realization of 1D anyons with arbitrary statistical & 2) Frustration and kinetic magnetism in a Fermi-Hubbard Simulatorphase

Joyce Kwan:
Low-dimensional quantum systems can host anyons, particles with exchange statistics that are neither bosonic nor fermionic.

Martin Lebrat:
Geometrical frustration in strongly correlated systems can give rise to intriguing ordered states such as quantum spin liquids. In this talk, we report on recent experimental progress in Fermi gas microscopy demonstrating emergent magnetic states in a Hubbard model with controllable frustration and doping. more

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