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Julia Cline, JILA
Superradiant lasers are a promising path towards realizing a narrow-linewidth, high-precision and high-bandwidth active frequency reference [1]. more

Peter Schauß, University of Virginia
Geometrically frustrated many-body systems show many interesting emerging phenomena, ranging from kinetic frustration to exotic spin ordering and chiral spin liquid phases. more

In the summer of 2019, the Quantum Gases Laboratory at the University of Warsaw joined the scientific effort of ultracold matter research more

Benedikt Heizenreder (Molecules Lab)
Polar molecules as NaK provide the unique property of having a strong tunable dipole moment. more

Christof Weitenberg (Univ. Hamburg)
Imaging is central for gaining microscopic insight into physical systems, but direct imaging of ultracold atoms in optical lattices as modern quantum simulation platform suffers from more

Sarang Gopalakrishnan (CSI-CUNY)
The XXZ spin chain is a canonical model of one-dimensional quantum magnetism. We consider spin transport at nonzero temperature more

Tobias Krom, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
Rare earth ions as a dopant in nanocrystals are promising candidates for quantum information more

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