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Groop Seminar via Zoom: Single Atom Preparation in Strontium Tweezer Arrays

I present the development of an experimental platform for trapping neutral strontium atoms in optical tweezer arrays generated by holographic metasurfaces. In contrast to conventional bulk optics, metasurfaces offer an exciting new avenue more

Group seminar at MPQ and Zoom: Generating spin squeezing and GHZ states with Rydberg interactions in a neutral-atom optical-clock platform

William Eckner, JILA, UCB, Colorado, USA
Programmable arrays of neutral atoms trapped in optical tweezers and lattices have emerged as a powerful tool for studies of competitive optical atomic clocks, as well as the generation of entangled quantum states with the use of Rydberg interactions and methods from both analog quantum simulation and digital quantum information processing. more

Group seminar at MPQ and Zoom: The tin-vacancy centre in diamond as a quantum network node at 4 K

Alexander Stramma, University of Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Optically interfaced solid-state spins are amongst the most promising candidates for quantum networking devices, combining an efficient spin-photon interface with a local nuclear quantum register. more

Group seminar at LMU: Using ultracold atoms as quantum simulators for open systems

Prof. André Eckardt, TU Berlin
Ultracold atomic quantum gases are famous for their high degree of isolation from the environment. This makes them an ideal platform for studying, e.g., coherent quantum many-body dynamics. I will argue that it can, however, also be interesting to augment these systems ... more

Group seminar via Zoom: Non-Hermiticity in spin-orbit coupled BECs

Junheng Tao, University of Maryland, USA
In 1996 Hatano and Nelson proposed a non-Hermitian lattice model containing an imaginary Peierls phase [Phys. Rev. Lett. 77, 570--573 (1996)], and subsequent analyses revealed it that is an instance of a new class of topological systems. We experimentally realize a continuum analog to ... more

Group seminar at MPQ and Zoom: Probing & benchmarking of many-body quantum devices with random(ized) measurements

Andreas Elben, Caltech, California, USA
In the era of noisy intermediate-scale quantum devices, a key challenge is to scale up these devices while enhancing the control and quality of their individual components. This necessitates efficient protocols for probing and benchmarking ... more

Group seminar at MPQ and Zoom: Superfluid fraction of a dipolar supersolid: from rotations to self-induced Josephson effect

Giulio Biagioni, University of Florence, Italy
The supersolid is an exotic quantum phase of matter featuring both superfluid and crystal-like properties. more

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