Nelson successfully defended his doctoral thesis on "Probing many-body physics with multiorbital quantum gases". more

Precise control and study of molecules is challenging due to the variety of internal degrees of freedom and local coordinates that are typically not controlled in an experiment. Employing quantum gas microscopy to position and resolve the atoms in bound states of Rydberg atom pairs --- so-called Rydberg macrodimers --- solves most of these challenges and enables unique access to the molecular frame. more

Nikolaus Lorenz sucessfully defended his doctoral thesis on "A Rydberg Tweezer Platform with Potassium Atoms". more

Joannis sucessfully defended his doctoral thesis on "Quantum simulation of doped two-dimensional Mott insulators" on February 11th, 2021. more

We warmly welcome Flavien Gyger, Dimitry Yankelev and Maximilian Ammenwerth into our Group at the MPQ! more

Raphaël will investigate the properties of topological Floquet systems in the presence of interactions and disorder. more

In recognition of his previous scientific work, the Selection Committee of the Humboldt foundation has awarded Thomas Chalopin with the Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers. more

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