Joannis receives the Theodor Hänsch PhD Award 2022

Joannis receives the prize for his outstanding dissertation entitled “Quantum simulation of doped two-dimensional Mott insulators”. more

Rydberg Macrodimers: Diatomic Molecules on the Micrometer Scale

Controlling molecular binding at the level of single atoms is one of the holy grails of quantum chemistry. Rydberg macrodimers─bound states between highly excited Rydberg atoms─provide a novel perspective in this direction. more

Immanuel honored with ZEISS research award

Immanuel was honored with the “ZEISS Research Award” for his groundbreaking experimental research on quantum simulations with ultracold atoms. more

SZ Podcast: "What holds Munich together at its core, Prof. Bloch?"

In this episode of the SZ (southgerman Newspaper) Podcast "München persönlich" (Munich up close) Immanuel explains what may soon be possible with quantum technology, how he discovered his fascination for physics more

Lab Day at MPQ

Lab Day at MPQ

March 17, 2023

On March 17th, we organized an open house at MPQ to show interested master students our labs. The event started off with a presentation introducing the work done in the Many Body Systems Division by Immanuel Bloch, followed by lab tours in the Single Atoms lab, the Molecules lab and the Strontium lab. more

Pascal receives SAMOP Dissertation Prize by the German Physical Society

The AMOP (Atoms, Molecules, Quantum Optics and Plasma) section of the German Physical Society has awarded this year’s Dissertation Prize to Pascal Weckesser. more

A subwavelength atomic array switched by a single Rydberg atom

Enhancing light–matter coupling at the level of single quanta is essential for numerous applications in quantum science. The cooperative optical response of subwavelength atomic arrays has been found to open new pathways for such strong light–matter couplings, while simultaneously offering access to multiple spatial modes of the light field. more

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