Real-space detection and manipulation of topological edge modes with ultracold atoms

Topological materials, in contrast to "ordinary" materials host edge modes which enable dissipation-free transport along the system's boundary. The transport enabled by the edge mode is robust to imperfections of the crystal and small variations of the system parameters - it is topologically protected.
This protection of the edge mode is intriguing, as small variations in the system do not alter the conductance of the edge mode, a phenomenon famously observed in the quantum Hall effect and used in the redefinition of the International System of Units (SI)  units in 2019. Directly observing this edge transport is intriguing, more

Fine-Structure Qubit Encoded in Metastable Strontium Trapped in an Optical Lattice

There are three promising candidates for high-quality qubits in two-electron atoms. First, a valence electron can be excited on an ultranarrow optical transition (clock qubit). Second, the spin of the nucleus can be excited using Raman or microwave transitions (nuclear qubit). Third, the spin of the valence electron can be flipped (fine-structure qubit). more

Xing-Yan in the finalist for the renowned Deborah Jin Doctoral Thesis Award

Xing-Yan Chen was selected as one of four finalists in the Deborah Jin Doctoral Thesis Award Session at the 2024 DAMOP annual meeting.

Congratulations Xing-Yan! We are really happy for you! more

A detailed look into the 2D SU(N) Fermi-Hubbard Model

One of the important elements at the core of physics is the symmetry of a physical system. This can be a classical "left-right"-symmetry that we all know from everyday life, but also a symmetry that is expressed in other, more unusual properties. On fundamentally "quantum" property is the quantum "spin", which describes a kind of internal rotation of an object which only exists in quantum mechanics. more

Christoph has successfully defended his dissertation!

Christoph has successfully defended his dissertation on the topic "Real-space detection and manipulation of topological edge modes with ultracold atoms".

Congratulations to Christoph and all the best for his future! more

Ultracold field-linked tetratomic molecules

Ultracold polyatomic molecules offer intriguing new opportunities in cold chemistry, precision measurements, and quantum information processing, thanks to their rich internal structure. However, their increased complexity compared to diatomic molecules presents a formidable challenge to employ conventional cooling techniques. more

Stern Gerlach Medal for Immanuel

The award, conferred annually by the German Physical Society, honours Immanuel's pioneering research on quantum simulations. more

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