The International Max Planck Research School for Quantum Science and Technology is opening
new PhD positions in fall 2021!

Deadline for application is March 1st, 2021


Nature Physics is celebrating its 15th birthday in its October issue and our lithium experiment contributed to the cover. more

Karen sucessfully defended her doctoral thesis on "Realization of Floquet topological systems with ultracold atoms in optical honeycomb lattices" on September 23th, 2020.

We warmly congratulate you Karen and wish you all the best for your future! more

We welcome Dr. Timon Hilker as our new Group Leader at the Lithium-microscope lab at the MPQ!
Timon received his PhD at the MPQ in 2017. Until August 2020 he worked as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow in the Hadzibabic group at the University of Cambridge. more

We welcome Dr. Johannes Zeiher as our new Group Leader at the The Rubidium Quantum Gas Microscope lab at the MPQ!
Johannes received his PhD at MPQ in 2017. Until June 2020, he worked on cavity QED systems as a Feodor Lynen post-doctoral Fellow in Dan Stamper-Kurn’s group at the University of Berkeley. more

Versatile interfaces with strong and tunable light–matter interactions are cornerstones for quantum science as they enable the mapping of quantum properties between light and matter. Single atoms are ideal quantum emitter of the light fields, as their only possible dissipation channel is the coupling to the electromagnetic vacuum. more

Methods to control and readout multilayer systems are scarce and unreliable, but highly desirable to access quantum simulation of layered materials or to improve detection and manipulation of two-dimensional systems. more

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