Philip Osterholz, MPQ
In this thesis, a laser system for the generation of many arbitrary positionable, tightly confining optical dipole traps for 39K is implemented. The traps are generated using a liquid crystal spatial light modulator in the Fourier plane of an objective.

Prof. Norman Yao, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Much of the power and potential of quantum mechanics remains concealed if we focus solely on systems in thermal equilibrium. Indeed, many applications, such as quantum metrology, computing, and communication rely upon the production, preservation, and manipulation of systems that are far-from-equilibrium. more

Berislav Buca, Oxford University
The assumption that quantum systems relax to a stationary (time-independent) state in the long-time limit underpins statistical physics and much of our intuitive understanding of scientific phenomena. more

Marcel Duda, MPQ
Association of Feshbach molecules with a Bose-Fermi mixture is, due to the bad phase-space overlap and inelastic losses, an inherently difficult task.


Andre Heinz, MPQ
We report on the design, assembly and characterization of a
monolithic, in-vacuum optical cavity to enhance the power in optical
lattices more

Joannis Koepsell, MPQ
The strong background fluorescence of adjacent layers inherently limits
the single-particle resolved microscopy of quantum gases to a single
two-dimensional layer more

Simon Hollerith, MPQ
Rydberg macrodimers - molecules consisting of two bound highly excited
Rydberg atoms - provide huge bond lengths even resolvable with optical


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