Yi-Xiang Liu, MIT
Advanced control techniques are required to make full use of the quantum
sensor and extract all the sensing target information. more

Sergej Moroz, TU Munich
Gauging is our fundamental guiding principle for the physical description of Nature.


Yizun He, Postdoc candidate
Quantum light-matter interfaces [1], based upon ensembles of cold atoms
or other quantum emitters, are being actively pursued as a platform for
various quantum technologies. more

Flavien Gyger, Postdoc candidate
In this presentation, I will report on stimulated Brillouin scattering in two types of waveguides: integrated silicon nitride chips and gas-filled hollow-core fibres. more

Till Klostermann, LMU
I present results of our optical transport of Caesium over a distance of 43 cm using a running wave lattice. more

Josiah Sinclair, Univ. of Toronto
When a resonant photon traverses a sample of absorbing atoms, how much time do atoms spend in the excited state?  Does the answer depend on whether or not the photon is eventually transmitted? more

Harjot Singh, JQI
Cavity quantum electrodynamics (QED) is widely used for applications in quantum and classical optical information processing. I will focus on the application of photon routing and switching. more

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