Group Seminar at MPQ: Towards two-dimensional sources of quantum light

Amin Zamani, Erlangen
One of the pillars of photonic quantum state engineering is spontaneous parametric down conversion. It is a nonlinear optical process in which a pump photon is spontaneously decayed into a photon pair more

Group Seminar: Realization of an atomic quantum Hall system in four dimensions

Sylvain Nascimbene, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel
From 2D quantum Hall systems to 3D topological insulators and Weyl semi-metals, various types of topological states of matter have been realized in condensed matter systems. more

Group Seminar via Zoom:   Application of Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in exploration of new physics

Wenwei Xu, USTC
Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) center is one of the solid-spin system. It is a competitive tool for precise magnetic field measurement, especially in nano scale, so it is a good option for detecting exotic interactions, which is essential goal for fundamental physics research. more

Group Seminar at MPQ: Characterizing a narrow-band laser for high-fidelity qubit control

Yingying Cui, ETH
Trapped ions provide a reliable platform for quantum computation since they enable the implementation of high-fidelity gates and allow for scalability. more

Group Seminar at MPQ: On the use of UV femtosecond lasers for glass machining

Luca Muscarella, Cambridge University
Three-dimensional micro-manufacturing of fused silica via laser-exposure combined with an etching step has become an established technique for producing complex three-dimensional components finding numerous applications in a variety of fields, more

Group Seminar at MPQ: Efficient quantum state tomography with artificial neural networks & Detection of high-dimensional entanglement

Martin Gärttner, Heidelberg University
Modern day quantum simulators can prepare a wide variety of quantum states but extracting observables from the resulting measured data often poses a challenge. more

Group Seminar at MPQ: Multi-frequency Floquet band engineering in optical lattices

Kilian Sandholzer, ETH Zurich
Ultracold atoms in optical lattices present a versatile platform for quantum simulation of interacting lattice models.


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