Group Seminar at LMU and via Zoom: Novel phase transitions in driven and quasiperiodic optical lattice

Phase transitions and critical phenomena have been at the heart of many-body physics—and quantum simulations with ultracold atoms—from the beginning. While almost all phase transitions in cold atoms systems are continuous more

Group Seminar at LMU and via Zoom: Quantum science with programmable alkaline earth atom arrays: from linear quantum optics to entanglement enhanced metrology

Alkaline earth atoms and optical tweezer arrays are naturally complementary technologies. The atoms provide convenient transitions for high fidelity optical cooling and imaging, well-controlled internal states with extremely high quality factors, and switchable interactions. more

Group Seminar at MPQ and via Zoom: Classifying coarsening dynamics in a quenched ferromagnetic condensate far from equilibrium

Understanding and classifying out-of-equilibrium dynamics in a closed quantum many-body system have been outstanding problems in modern physics. In this talk, we will introduce our experimental platform of strongly ferromagnetic spin-1 condensate [1] and recent experimental results on the universal coarsening dynamics more

Group seminar via Zoom: Develop better quantum sensors and simulators with solid state spins

In this talk, I will introduce our recent work on sensing arbitrary-frequency vector signals by using the sensor qubit as a quantum frequency mixer. more

Group Seminar at MPQ and via Zoom: Realistic scheme for quantum simulation of Z2 lattice gauge theories with dynamical matter in (2+1)D

Gauge fields coupled to dynamical matter are a ubiquitous framework in many disciplines of physics, ranging from particle to condensed matter physics, but remain challenging to implement robustly in large-scale quantum simulators. more

Group Seminar at MPQ and via Zoom: Epitaxial Growth and Spectroscopic Investigation of the Strongly Correlated Compound Tm_xTe_y

While it is well known that strong spin orbit couplings and particular point groupe symmetries give rise to topologically non-trivial states of matter, a new approach is to investigate the possibility to find topological states of matter in strongly correlated compounds. more

Group Seminar at MPQ and via Zoom: Correcting coherent errors in quantum codes

Quantum error correction is a crucial step to building useful quantum computers, needed to maintain precision in deep computations in spite of having faulty components - as long as the error rate is below a threshold value. The most promising quantum error correction scheme to date more

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