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Zhichao Guo, CUHK
According to the mean-field description, an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) will collapse when the inter-particle interaction is attractive. more

In this talk, I will manly introduce the spin-orbit coupling experiment using ultracold Sr87 atoms. First, I will discuss the motivation of our experiment. Then from 1D SOC to 2D optical Raman lattice, more

Superconducting circuits have emerged as a promising platform to build quantum processors. The challenge of designing a circuit is to compromise between realizing a set of performance metrics and more

Passive reference cavities are used for frequency stabilisation and linewidth reduction of lasers. I will talk about some of the challenges arising when working with ultra-high-finesse resonators and more

Future scalable quantum networks, which are essential for large scale quantum communication and distributed quantum computing, will require heralded entanglement more

Julia Cline, JILA
Superradiant lasers are a promising path towards realizing a narrow-linewidth, high-precision and high-bandwidth active frequency reference [1]. more

Peter Schauß, University of Virginia
Geometrically frustrated many-body systems show many interesting emerging phenomena, ranging from kinetic frustration to exotic spin ordering and chiral spin liquid phases. more

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