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Sotnikov, A.; Darkwah Oppong, N.; Zambrano, Y.; Cichy, A.: Orbital ordering of ultracold alkaline-earth atoms in optical lattices. Physical Review Research 2 (2), 023188 (2020)
Journal Article
Darkwah Oppong, N.; Riegger, L.; Bettermann, O.; Höfer, M.; Levinsen, J.; Parish, M. M.; Bloch, I.; Fölling, S.: Observation of Coherent Multiorbital Polarons in a Two-Dimensional Fermi Gas. Physical Review Letters 122 (19), 193604 (2019)
Journal Article
Riegger, L.; Darkwah Oppong, N.; Höfer, M.; Fernandes, R. D.; Bloch, I.; Fölling, S.: Localized Magnetic Moments with Tunable Spin Exchange in a Gas of Ultracold Fermions. Physical Review Letters 120 (14), 143601 (2018)
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