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    Vijayan, J.; Sompet, P.; Salomon, G.; Koepsell, J. M.S.; Hirthe, S.; Bohrdt, A.; Grusdt, F.; Bloch, I.; Groß, C.: Time-resolved observation of spin-charge deconfinement in fermionic Hubbard chains. Science 367 (6474), pp. 186 - 189 (2020)
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    Koepsell, J. M.S.; Vijayan, J.; Sompet, P.; Grusdt, F.; Hilker, T. A.; Demler, E. A.; Salomon, G.; Bloch, I.; Groß, C.: Imaging magnetic polarons in the doped Fermi-Hubbard model. Nature 572 (7769), pp. 358 - 362 (2019)
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    Salomon, G.; Koepsell, J. M.S.; Vijayan, J.; Hilker, T. A.; Nespolo, J.; Pollet, L.; Bloch, I.; Groß, C.: Direct observation of incommensurate magnetism in Hubbard chains. Nature 565 (7737), pp. 56 - 60 (2019)
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