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    Snigirev, S.; Park, A. J.; Heinz, A.; Bloch, I.; Blatt, S.: Fast and dense magneto-optical traps for strontium. Physical Review A 99 (6), 063421 (2019)
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    Mazurenko , A.; Blatt, S.; Huber, F.; Parsons, M. F.; Chiu, C. S.; Ji, G.; Greif , D.; Greiner, M.: Implementation of a stable, high-power optical lattice for quantum gas microscopy. Review of Scientific Instruments 90 (3), 033101 (2019)
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    Greif, D.; Parsons, M. F.; Mazurenko, A.; Chiu, C. S.; Blatt, S.; Huber, F.; Ji, G.; Greiner, M.: Site-resolved imaging of a fermionic Mott insulator. Science 351 (6276), pp. 953 - 957 (2016)
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