Special Group Seminar at MPQ: Superradiance and microscopic control with narrow-line transitions in

Matthew Norcia, University of Colorado NIST

August 16, 2019

Matthew Norcia, Postdoc candidate
MPQ Garching, Hans-Kopfermann-Str. 1,
Herbert-Walther lecture hall
Friday 08/16, 10:00am

Superradiance and microscopic control with narrow-line transitions in

Alkaline earth atoms like strontium have a rich internal structure,
including optical transitions with narrow and ultranarrow linewidths.  This
enables a wealth of possibilities for precision metrology and quantum
science.  In this talk, I will present two experimental directions enabled
by these transitions.  First, I will present studies of superradiant
emission from the 1 millihertz linewidth optical clock transition in an
ensemble of strontium atoms confined within an optical cavity.  This system
holds promise as a new form of high-precision active optical frequency
reference with the potential to operate outside of carefully controlled
laboratory environments, and exhibits interesting interactions between
atoms mediated by optical photons.  I will then discuss recently
demonstrated microscopic control of individual strontium atoms confined
within optical tweezers.  By combining the potential for flexible,
low-entropy state preparation and high-fidelity, single-particle state
readout associated with optical tweezers with the rich internal structure
of strontium, this platform has promising applications for quantum
simulation and metrology.

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