Group seminar at LMU and Zoom: Characterization of Chirped Bragg Grating for Ultrafast Excitation of Rydberg atoms.

June 27, 2024

Arnab Maity, Ohmori lab, Japan
Group seminar at LMU seminar room and Zoom
Thursday, 27 June, 4:00pm (MEZ)

Abstract: In OHMORI lab, we use a picosecond broadband pulsed laser for the Rydberg excitation of Rb-87 atoms. Spectral shaping of this pulsed laser is crucial for selectively exciting atoms to a specific Rydberg state. We use highly dispersive optics, called chirped Bragg grating (CBG), to directly generate a narrowband (~30 GHz) 480 nm pulsed laser from two fundamental pulses at 780 nm and 1248 nm, each with a bandwidth of ~1 THz.

In this talk, I will describe the pulse generation scheme and the characterization of the chirped Bragg grating to precisely determine its group delay dispersion. Additionally, I will discuss the adiabatic transfer of atoms from the 5S_1/2 state to the 5P_3/2 state of Rb-87 atoms.

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