Group seminar at MPQ and Zoom: The tin-vacancy centre in diamond as a quantum network node at 4 K

February 13, 2024

Alexander Stramma, University of Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Group seminar at MPQ and Zoom
Tuesday, February 13, 09:00am (MEZ)

Abstract: Optically interfaced solid-state spins are amongst the most promising candidates for quantum networking devices, combining an efficient spin-photon interface with a local nuclear quantum register. Amongst the Group-IV colour centres in diamond with their desirable optical properties, the negatively charged tin-vacancy center (SnV) is particularly interesting. Its large spin-orbit coupling offers strong protection against phonon dephasing at 1.7 K at the cost of less efficient microwave driving of the electronic spin.
We recently overcame this challenge by embedding SnVs in uniformly strained thin diamond membranes, allowing us to perform efficient microwave control with 99.36(9) % gate fidelity. The introduced crystal strain further increases the ground-state splitting, which sufficiently suppresses the phonon-induced decoherence at even higher temperatures. This enabled us to show coherence times of up to 223(10) µs at 4 K.
We will discuss device engineering challenges to push the performance even further. In addition, we show our plan of embedding the diamond membranes into open optical microcavities. Combining both, we strive to make this platform a prime candidate for scalable quantum repeaters.

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