Group seminar at LMU: Using ultracold atoms as quantum simulators for open systems

February 09, 2024

Prof. André Eckardt, TU Berlin
Group seminar at LMU seminar room and Zoom
Friday, February 9, 10:00am (MEZ)

Abstract: Ultracold atomic quantum gases are famous for their high degree of isolation from the environment. This makes them an ideal platform for studying, e.g., coherent quantum many-body dynamics. I will argue that it can, however, also be interesting to augment these systems with controlled dissipation, based on engineered reservoirs and quantum feedback-control. I will present recent work, where we propose to use these tools for in-situ cooling, to counteract unwanted Floquet heating, and for the preparation and stabilization of non-equilibrium steady states (like heat-current-carrying states and Bose condensates in excited scar-like states). Moreover, I will report on the observation of critical scaling with respect to time during the relaxation dynamics of an open system, as we investigate it both theoretically and experimentally in collaboration with the Widera group in Kaiserslautern.


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