Group seminar at MPQ and Zoom: Novel light-matter interfaces for simulating gravity and quantum information processing

January 23, 2024

Dr. Rivka Bekenstein, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Group seminar at MPQ lecture hall and Zoom
Tuesday, January 23 at 09:00am (MEZ)

Abstract: In 2015 we suggested an experimental nonlinear optical system to simulate the Newton-Schrodinger equations [1]. A model that unifies quantum mechanics with Newtonian gravity, describing the gravitational self-interaction of a quantum wavepackets. Recently, we broke the Newtonian limit suggesting the Post-Newtonian Schrodinger equations and a system to experimentally simulate its dynamics. In this talk I will present new solitonic solutions of the Post-Newtonian system and experimental simulations done with optical beams propagating in a nonlocal nonlinear medium. In the second part of the talk I will present our efforts toward solid-state based quantum metasurfaces [2] with subwavelength atomic-like arrays. Specifically with arrays of Silicon-Vacancy centers in diamond that have proved as promising emitters for quantum information [3,4]. Analysis of new entanglement generation protocols will be presented along with an overview of our experimental setup in my recently established lab.

[1] R. Bekenstein, R. Schley, M. Mutzafi, C. Rotschild, M. Segev, Nature Physics 11, 2015
[2] R Bekenstein, I Pikovski, H Pichler, E Shahmoon, S. F. Yelin, M. D. Lukin, Nature Physics 16, 2020
[3] E.N. Knall, C. M. Knaut, R. Bekenstein, D. R. Assumpcao, et al., Physical Review Letters 129, 2022
[4] D.S. Levonian, R. Riedinger, B. Machielse et al., Physical Review Letters 128, 2022

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