Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases (WS 2023/24)

Lecture WS 2023/24, Simon Fölling


  • Welcome to the "Ultracold Quantum Gases" lecture! The lecture start will be on Tuesday, 12:15 in H107. See you then!


About this Lecture

The course gives an introduction into the field of ultracold quantum gases. The lectures are combined with a weekly journal club, where we discuss original publications related to the lecture. Additional problem sets supplement the course.

The technical / organizational requirements are as follows:

  • Please register to the course via LSF, and make sure you read your campus e-mail account in order to get notifications from this system. If you have no access to LSF, please send an e-mail.

Times and Places


When:  Tuesday 12pm - 2pm c.t., H107
             Thursday, 12pm - 2pm c.t., H107

Where: Room H107 is in Schellingstr. 4, close to the U-Bahn station "Universität".


We will set up the organization and time for tutorials in the beginning of the lecture (first week, probably).

Journal Club

When: Usually Thursdays 1pm-2pm

In the (approximately) weekly journal club we will discuss original publications related to the course. The selected papers will be posted on the Website and should be read prior to the Journal Club. In weeks without journal club a regular lecture will be held instead.


Basic knowledge in atomic physics and quantum mechanics. Knowledge in statistical physics is helpful but not required

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