Group seminar at MPQ and Zoom: Shifting ions with a global beam

October 05, 2023

Akhil Kumar, Weizman Institute of Science, Israel
Group seminar at MPQ Interims lecture hall (B 0.32) and Zoom
Thursday, October 5, 2:00pm (MEZ)

Quantum simulators permit the study of sizeable spin systems in a programmable fashion, which are beyond the computational reach of classical simulation. Trapped-ion systems are well-suited for studying spin systems. However, achieving strong programmable interactions between the ion qubits with high-fidelity quantum control in a scalable manner is challenging and often requires individual addressing. Here, we aim to create a linear gradient in the energies of ion qubits in a single crystal with a global beam using light shift, which will allow exploring a variety of coupling geometries and topologies, including periodic boundary conditions, high-dimensional spin systems and creating synthetic gauge field which lead to the breakdown of time reversal symmetry in trapped-ions quantum simulators. In this talk, I will explain the process of creating a site-dependent light shift using a spatial light modulator and show some preliminary results. Also, I will explain correlation spectroscopy for precisely measuring the linear gradient.

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