Group seminar at MPQ and Zoom: Single Qubit Gates on Selected Atoms Coupled to an Optical Resonator

August 03, 2023

Franz Silva-Tarouca, Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Garching, Quantum Dynamics Divison

High-finesse optical resonators combined with optical tweezers are an attractive platform for neutral atom quantum information processing experiments due to the ability to deterministically prepare arrays of atoms with strong light-matter coupling. Leveraging the full potential of this platform requires high-fidelity selected control of each individual atom. In this talk, we report on our progress on using Raman transitions to achieve high-fidelity single-qubit gates on selected Rb-87 hyperfine qubits coupled to a high-finesse Fabry-Pérot optical resonator. Presented in detail are numerical simulation results for Raman transitions with single and multiple atoms, an overview of the main gate infidelity sources and initial experimental results using a single atom.


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