Special seminar at LMU and Zoom: Variational Counter Diabatic Driving for Periodically Driven Systems

July 10, 2023

Marin Bukov, MPIPKS Dresden
Special seminar at LMU seminar room and Zoom
Monday, July 10th, 09:00 am (MEZ)

Periodically driven systems have emerged as a useful technique to engineer the properties of quantum systems, and are in the process of being developed into a standard toolbox for quantum simulation. An enabling prerequisite for this is the rigorous result that interacting Floquet models exhibit long-lived metastable prethermal states, whose duration can be controlled by the drive frequency, with heating suppressed out to long times. However, the outstanding challenge remains in how to manipulate systems on top of strong periodic drives.
The state-of-the-art technique for Floquet control is the adiabatic change of parameters; however, the adiabatic limit for the effective Hamiltonian does not exist due to the interplay of photon-absorption and conventional gaps in the quasienergy spectrum, which cannot be discerned in generic many-body systems.  In this talk, we will generalize the notion of variational counter-diabatic driving to Floquet systems. This enables us to construct state preparation protocols that aim to achieve transitionless driving between Floquet eigenstates away from the adiabatic regime. We will discuss applications to two-level systems, topological Floquet pumps, and (time-permitting) an interacting periodically-driven Ising model.


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