Group Seminar via Zoom: Thermal Tensor Network Approaches for 2D Fermi-Hubbard Model

June 13, 2023

Prof. Wei Li, Chinese Academy of Science
Group Seminar via Zoom
Tuesday, June 13th, 9:00am (MEZ)


Accurate simulations of the two-dimensional (2D) Hubbard model constitute one of the most challenging problems in condensed matter and quantum physics. Thermal tensor networks provide a viable approach for 2D Hubbard model at finite temperature. In this talk, I will introduce the thermal tensor network methods we developed in the past years, including the exponential tensor renormalization group (XTRG) and the tangent space tensor renormalization group (tanTRG) for the calculations of the 2D Hubbard model at finite temperature. Benchmarks to other many-body numerical methods are presented, and comparisons to ultracold atom quantum simulations on the optical lattice will also be discussed.


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