Group Seminar via Zoom: Ultrafast dynamics of an electron and coherent EUV generation driven by an intense laser pulse

May 25, 2023

Yang Hwan Kim, Center for Relativistic Laser Science, Korea
Group Seminar via Zoom
Thursday, May 25th , 09:00am (MEZ)


In this presentation, I will present ultrafast electron dynamics facilitated by high-power femtosecond lasers. These dynamics involve strong-field processes, including tunneling, acceleration, and rescattering, leading to phenomena such as above-threshold ionization, high-harmonic generation, and frustrated tunneling ionization (FTI). I will introduce a method to characterize a temporal waveform of a laser field using a rescattered electron, providing insights into the laser field and ultrafast electron dynamics. Additionally, experimental studies on coherent extreme ultraviolet emission generated through FTI will be presented, which include pump-probe results, molecular alignment dependence, interference of emissions, and phase-matching conditions. The progress on liquid target development is briefly discussed, highlighting the recording of laser-induced plasma evolution and high-order harmonic generation. The liquid target shows potential for use in attosecond streaking experiments as a bright extreme ultraviolet light source.

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