Group Seminar at MPQ: High Power Microwave Antenna, Electronics and Related Measurements

February 28, 2023

Shrestha Biswas,  MPQ
Group Seminar at MPQ lecture hall and zoom
Tuesday, February 28th , 09:00am MEZ)


In this technical talk, I will describe the efforts of the polar molecules team towards developing and characterizing a circularly-polarized strong microwave (MW) field with ultra low phase noise, a key ingredient for preparing long-lived microwave-dressed polar molecules.

An important property of our setup is that our molecules (sample) are placed in the near field of the antenna amidst a lot of other metallic parts. So, most of the known far field equations in free space are invalid and one needs proper simulation. I’ll describe different antenna designs that we’ve studied to serve this purpose.

Here, we mostly care about the electric field of the MW, probes for which are not commercially available. I’ll show the design and the calibration procedure of our home-built probe.  Lastly I’ll also discuss how we generate and characterize 200 W of MW power with ultra low phase noise.


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