Group Seminar: Storage of light on hot Rydberg atoms and noble-gas spins

February 23, 2023

Eran Reches, Weizmann Institute
Group Seminar at MPQ lecture hall and Zoom
Thursday, February 23rd , 09:00am (MEZ)


Light storage is the controlled mapping of the state of light onto a stationary, collective atomic excitation. In my talk, I will present our efforts aimed at reaching the quantum non-linear optics regime by storing light on hot Rydberg atoms. I will show recent results of light storage and Rydberg excitations in thin cells, and discuss a unique echo sequence we plan to implement for mitigating motional dephasing. I will also talk about light storage on the nuclear spins of noble-gas atoms. These spins are optically-inaccessible, but can be interfaced with light through collisions with optically-active alkali atoms. I will focus on optimal storage strategies in such concatenated systems.

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