Group Seminar at MPQ: Characterizing a narrow-band laser for high-fidelity qubit control

January 12, 2023

Yingying Cui, ETH
Group Seminar at MPQ  lecture hall & zoom
Thursday, January 12th, 09:00am (MEZ)


Trapped ions provide a reliable platform for quantum computation since they enable the implementation of high-fidelity gates and allow for scalability. The qubit transition of 40Ca+, driven by a near-infrared laser at 729 nm, has a very narrow natural linewidth of 0.14 Hz, which makes it challenging to work with. To manipulate the qubit state, we lock a diode laser to a high-finesse cavity to stabilize its frequency.In this talk, I will cover the fundamentals of the Pound–Drever–Hall (PDH) locking technique, its experimental implementation, and frequency shifting with a double-pass AOM system.

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