Group Seminar at MPQ: Progress Toward a Rubidium Quantum Gas Microscope

November 24, 2022

Jacob Fricke, ETH/MIT
Group seminar at MPQ lecture hall and zoom
Thursday, November 24th , 09:00am (MEZ)


For detecting and interacting with neutral atoms in optical lattices on a single-site scale, quantum gas microscopes are great tools. They give rise to a detection method for highly correlated many-body states and enable new platforms for quantum information processing using neutral atoms.

Using this tool, we hope to reach the long-standing goal of adiabatic state preparation of highly correlated XY-ferromagnetic states.

Since an upgrade like this requires a lot of building, I will give an overview of the progress. In particular, I discuss our recent work on the optomechanical steering of existing dipole traps, giving rise to precisely pre-position atoms under the microscope before selecting single layers. Finally, I'll review some surprises we faced during vacuum assembly, how that changed our imaging strategy, and give an outlook for our next steps toward single-site resolution.


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