Group Seminar at LMU and via Zoom: Quantum science with programmable alkaline earth atom arrays: from linear quantum optics to entanglement enhanced metrology

September 22, 2022

Aaron Young, JILA Boulder, Colorado
Group Seminar at LMU in the seminar room and via zoom
Thursday, September 22, 9.00 am (MEZ)



Alkaline earth atoms and optical tweezer arrays are naturally complementary technologies. The atoms provide convenient transitions for high fidelity optical cooling and imaging, well-controlled internal states with extremely high quality factors, and switchable interactions. The tweezers further provide programmable control over those atoms' motional states and positions. These capabilities make this an attractive platform for studying quantum optics, with the ability to programmably prepare and detect Fock states of many indistinguishable, non-interacting bosons, and to study how those boson propagate through reconfigurable linear optical networks implemented with optical tweezers and an optical lattice. Conversely, this platform can also be used to study strongly interacting systems - namely collections of optical clock qubits that can be entangled via Rydberg interactions to study problems in quantum sensing, and simulations of spin models. The combination of universal control over optical clock qubits, coherent itinerance, and tunable interactions could ultimately be combined to study a large class of condensed matter Hubbard models.

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