Group Seminar at MPQ and via Zoom: Realistic scheme for quantum simulation of Z2 lattice gauge theories with dynamical matter in (2+1)D

August 23, 2022

Lukas Homeier, LMU & Harvard University
Group Seminar at MPQ in the Herbert-Walther-Lecture Hall and via zoom
Tuesday, August 23, 9.00 am (MEZ)


Gauge fields coupled to dynamical matter are a ubiquitous framework in many disciplines of physics, ranging from particle to condensed matter physics, but remain challenging to implement robustly in large-scale quantum simulators. Here we propose a realistic scheme for Rydberg atom array experiments in which a Z2 gauge structure with dynamical charges emerges from only local two-body interactions and one-body terms in two spatial dimensions. The scheme enables the experimental study of a variety of models, including (2+1)D Z2 lattice gauge theories coupled to different types of dynamical matter (Z2 mLGTs) and quantum dimer models on the honeycomb lattice, for which we derive effective Hamiltonians. We discuss ground-state phase diagrams of the experimentally most relevant effective Z2 mLGTs featuring various confined and deconfined, quantum spin liquid phases. Further, we present selected probes with immediate experimental relevance, including signatures of disorder-free localization as well as a thermal deconfinement transition of two charges.


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