Group Seminar via Zoom: Ultracold RbCs molecules: Optical Tweezers, Lattices and Rotationally Magic Traps

July 05, 2022

Alexander Guttridge, Jonathan M. Mortlock & Luke M. Fernley, Durham University, UK
Group Seminar at MPQ in the Herbert-Walther-Lecture Hall and via zoom
Tuesday, July 5, 9.00 am (MEZ)


The rich internal structure and intrinsic dipolar interactions possessed by polar molecules makes them a promising system for exploring quantum chemistry, quantum computation and quantum simulation. However, in order to enhance the impact of the polar molecule platform in these areas, experiments require the ability to image and address individual molecules and the ability to create superpositions of rotational levels with long coherence times. The demonstration of an experimental platform which can satisfy both these requirements is an ongoing challenge. Within our labs at Durham University, we address this challenge using a range of approaches including both bottom-up and top-down assembly of individually controllable arrays of RbCs molecules. In this joint talk, we will summaries the ongoing work within three of our labs which includes: the formation of single molecules in optical tweezers, single-site imaging of molecules trapped in an optical lattice and the development of a rotationally magic trap for molecules. We will conclude with an outlook for each of these projects.


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