Group Seminar via Zoom: From simulating the trapping of cold atoms near a dielectric to solving an optimization problem

June 30, 2022

Antoine Cornillot, University Paris-Saclay
Group Seminar via video conference (Zoom)
Thursday, June 30, 4.00 pm (MEZ)


How to store quantum information ? How to perform quantum computation and how to rank the various technologies ? Trying to answer these questions, I got involved in various projects over the past two years. First, I developed Monte-Carlo simulations to study the feasibility and design an experiment aiming at trapping cold atoms close to a dielectric surface. This experiment is currently developed in the Quantum Optics group of the Niels Bohr Institute of Copenhagen, with the goal of realizing a quantum simulator. I will present how I have modeled the various stages of the experiment, and especially how I have simulated the trajectories of cold atoms over long ranges and in complex electric fields.Then, I have worked on solving the Max-Cut problem on the emulator of a Quantum Processor. I have developed the first version of the emulator of the spin qubit developed by C12 Quantum Computing on the Atos Quantum Learning Machine, and I have developed code to solve optimization problem on this emulator. The Q-Score uses the Max-Cut problem to benchmark the performance of Quantum Computing Units in a hardware-agnostic way. As a way of introducing myself, I will walk you through these projects I have realized just before my last year of Master. I will finish this presentation by presenting my latest projects.


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