Group Seminar at MPQ and via Zoom: Translating, Compiling and Decoding Surface Codes

June 21, 2022

Prof. Alexandru Paler, Aalto University
Group Seminar in MPQ lecture hall & via video conference (Zoom)
Tuesday, June 21, 1.00 pm (MEZ)


Surface code computations can be implemented in different ways, for example by braiding and lattice surgery. We show how to translate from one representation into the other by mediating with circuit identities, and use the ZX calculus to validate the translations. Additionally, we compile circuits by taking advantage of the regular layout common in quantum circuits to express them as 3D objects composed of tiles. A tile is a 3D nearest-neighbor implementation of the Toffoli gate. Using this scheme, we implement a quantum multiplier and demonstrate improvements in the number and depth of SWAP gates necessary for nearest-neighbor implementations of this multiplier when compared with automatic routing methods. Tiling is applied prior to compilation and can be used as an intermediate step for both NISQ and error corrected circuits which use the surface code. Finally, we present a straightforward method for performing correlated error analysis in a way that does not impact the speed of the minimum weight perfect matching decoder.


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