Special Groop Seminar via Zoom: Fractal-like nanomechanical resonators with ultralow dissipation
Quantum gas microscopy of highly dipolar gases of Erbium

September 02, 2021

Robin Groth, Greiner Lab, Harvard University
Group Seminar via video conference (Zoom)
Tuesday, September 2nd, 4:00 p.m (MEZ)

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are now holding our group seminars and journal clubs via video conference.This procedure enables us to continue our research, enhance discussions and exchange important information.


My talk will be divided into two parts. In the first part, I will discuss a novel design for nanomechanical resonators featuring ultralow dissipation. Low- dissipation nanomechanical resonators are of great importance for various appli- cations including high-sensitivity force sensors, displacement measurements and optomechanics experiments in the quantum regime. The novel resonator design is based on a fractal-like geometry which leads to a suppression of boundary losses and enables these resonators to reach quality factors as high as 109 at 100kHz.
In the second part, I will present recent progress towards single-site imaging of dipolar Erbium gases. The quantum gas microscope features a high-resolution imaging system, a low-disorder optical lattice, and an accordion lattice with tuneable spacing. High-resolution imaging is realized via a custom, in-vacuum objective with diffraction-limited performance across a large field of view. These features make the experiment an ideal platform for quantum simulation of ultracold atoms in optical lattices with long-range, tuneable and anisotropic interactions.

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