Engineering Positions

Are you interested in joining the emerging Quantum industry? Help us to build a Quantum Computer with perfectly identical qubits using atom arrays. The second quantum revolution requires top-notch engineering, and we need your help!

Who are we?

The Max-Planck Institute of Quantum optics is a leading physics research institute focusing on various quantum technologies. The Quantum Many-body Systems Division is one of four experimental divisions in the institute and focusses on quantum computing and quantum simulation with laser-cooled atomic gases and associated quantum technologies.

What are we looking for and what do we offer?

Our quantum computing platform is based on neutral atoms trapped and manipulated with laser beams in ultrahigh vacuum chambers. Using these atoms for quantum science requires requires top-notch engineering on all fronts.
If you bring in expertise in the design, test and assembly of any of the technologies listed below, are enthusiastic about working with emerging technologies and in a highly motivated dynamic team, this work is for you! We offer a unique chance to enter the field of quantum technologies in a world-leading research institute, with world class mechanical workshop facilities. The quantum technology sector in Munich and Bavaria is highly dynamic and grows quickly, with great perspectives.

Mechanical and systems engineering

You will work with our quantum physicists to design and implement high-end mechanical parts. You will help us to brainstorm and design systems based on

  • Ultrahigh-vacuum components
  • Highly precise and stable optomechanics
  • Optoelectronic assemblies such as diode lasers
  • Rapid prototyping based on 3D-printers, laser cutters, and waterjets
  • Laboratory infrastructure

You should be able to design parts for production and you are expect to help with rapid iteration of prototypes in a fast-paced environment with help from one of the top academic machine shops in the world.

Electrical engineering

Our experiments also require custom high-end analog and digital electronics such as

  • Optical detectors
  • Low-noise analog and digital feedback electronics
  • Radiofrequency technology
  • FPGA- and microcontroller-based digital electronics

The special requirements for these control and measurement electronics arise from the quantum technologies that we pursue and you will need to be confident in design, test and implementation.


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