Microscopic electronic structure tomography of Rydberg macrodimers

May 04, 2021

Precise control and study of molecules is challenging due to the variety of internal degrees of freedom and local coordinates that are typically not controlled in an experiment. Employing quantum gas microscopy to position and resolve the atoms in bound states of Rydberg atom pairs - so-called Rydberg macrodimers - solves most of these challenges and enables unique access to the molecular frame. Here, we demonstrate this approach and present photoassociation studies in which the molecular orientation relative to an applied magnetic field, the polarization of the excitation light, and the initial atomic state are fully controlled.

We additionally observe an orientation-dependent Zeeman shift, and we reveal a significant influence on it caused by the hyperfine interaction of the macrodimer state. Finally, we demonstrate control over the electrostatic binding potential by an external magnetic field. Our results open new perspectives for engineering extended-range interactions between atoms in optical lattices.

If you would like to read the whole articl eplease visit Physical Review.

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