Group Seminar via Zoom: (3d) atomic arrays as nanophotonic metamaterials

March 16, 2021

Daniel Malz, MPQ
Group meeting via video conference (Zoom)
Tuesday, March 16th 2021, 9:00am (MEZ)

Dealing with the unique situation of partial lock downs worldwide and home office solutions at our Institute due to the current spreading of the Covid 19 virus, we are now holding our group seminars and journal clubs via video conference.
This procedure enables us to continue our research, enhance discussions and exchange important information.


I outline why we can think of (subwavelength) atomic arrays as nanophotonic metamaterials. Nanophotonics structures have a variety of uses, which rely on their ability to influence the propagation of photons. Using 1d and 3d as particular cases, I will show how they can mediate interactions between quantum emitters in their vicinity, and argue that this promising platform has some crucial differences and advantages over solid-state nanophotonic structures

If you would like to join our group seminars via Zoom, please contact us for more information.

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