Group Seminar at LMU: Building a collective quantum memory using quantum dots

Clara Bachorz, University of Cambridge, UK

January 28, 2020

Clara Bachorz, University of Cambridge
LMU München, Schellingstr. 4
Seminar room H 107
Tuesday 01/28, 09:15

Establishing a successful long-lived quantum memory is an essential stepping stone to many quantum communications applications. Quantum dots have been an increasingly attractive platform for this implementation since the recent demonstration of a deterministic and coherent control interface between a single electron confined in a quantum dot and a nuclear bath. However, to-date high-fidelity state transfer using this interface remains an elusive goal as the competition between various nuclear modes places a constraint on what operations can be performed. My masters project proposes to address this is by polarising the nuclear ensemble, thus introducing selectivity between the nuclear modes. In this talk, I will review the physics behind this coherent electron-nuclear interface, the experimental techniques used to implement it, and the preliminary results I have obtained.

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