Quantum Mechanics books written in the notation used in this course:

  1. Modern Quantum Mechanics: J. J. Sakurai
  2. Quantum Mechanics: Jean-Louis Basdevant, Jean Dalibard (Springer)


Quantum Optics Books

  1. Christopher Gerry, Peter Knight – Introductory Quantum Optics, (Cambridge University Press 2006) Very well structured introduction into Quantum Optics 
  2. Serge Haroche, Jean - Michel Raimond – Exploring the quantum, (Oxford University Press 2006), Focus on Cavity-QED, Good discussion of fundamental quantum effects (Entanglement, Non-Locality, Decoherence, Measurement Process, Quantum Information Processing)
  3. Mark Fox – Quantum Optics, (Oxford University Press), Good elementary introduction
  4. Rodney Loudon - The Quantum Theory of Light ,(Oxford University Press), Classic Quantum Optics textbook, one of the best introductory books, but lacks discussion of modern experiments...
  5. C. Cohen-Tannoudji, J. Dupont-Roc, and G. Grynberg - Atom Photon Interactions , (Wiley-Interscience), Focus on Light Atom Interaction, very detailed and authoritative discussion, advanced level
  6. Marlan O. Scully, and M. Suhail Zubairy - Quantum Optics ,(Cambridge University Press), Advanced book on Quantum Optics, Modern Notation
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