Group Seminar at MPQ: Master thesis work of Rudolf Haindl

October 17, 2019

Rudolf Haindl, Masters work in strontium lab
MPQ Garching, Hans-Kopfermann-Str.1
B0.32 (temporary lecture hall)
Thursday Oct 17, 10:30


Ultracold strontium atoms offer an excellent platform for quantum
simulations. As an alkali earth atom it has a rich level structure
including intercombination lines between the singlet and triplet
states. The most interesting one of these is the extremely narrow
clock transition connecting the ^1S_0 and the ^3P_0 states. The long
lived ^3P_0 excited state is an important ingredient in many quantum
simulation and computation proposals.

In this talk I present a laser system built to address the clock
transition. A second generation cavity system was built and
characterized to ensure the needed frequency stability. I will also
describe the implemented fiber noise cancellation setup that allows us
to guide frequency stabilized light through optical fibers without
broadening of the lineshape. Finally, I will present data on the
performance of our homebuilt high bandwidth photodetectors used for
frequency stabilization of the clock laser.

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