Group Seminar at MPQ: Transport of cold Atoms using focus-tunable Lenses

Florian Fertig, MPQ

September 25, 2019

Florian Fertig, MPQ
MPQ Garching, Hans-Kopfermann-Str. 1,
Old Lecture Hall, B 0.32
Friday 06/25, 09:15am


For quantum gas microscopes, an important aspect is the efficient transport of the atoms to a location close to the objective. Neutral atoms can be transported using either magnetic fields or a dipole trap. We aim to transport ultracold Ytterbium atoms by displacing the focus of a dipole trap. This can be achieved using focus-tunable lenses, whose focal length is set by an external current. In a test setup, we characterize the optical system which allows the transport of atoms within a trap of constant waist using a focus-tunable lens. In addition, we design a high-resolution and low-noise current controller which allows for a smooth focus displacement and therefore minimal transport-induced heating and instability.

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