Quantum Optics II SS 2021

Lecture Summer Semester 2021, Simon Fölling


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the lectures and tutorials will be held using the Zoom video conferencing stystem. To enroll for the class, please register using the LSF system. You will then receive an E-Mail with details before the lectures begin.

Time and Place

Lecture Time Location
Mondays 12-14 c.t. Zoom
Wednesdays 12-14 c.t. Zoom

Welcome to Quantum Optics II

Quantum Optics II discusses a variety of topics from the field of Quantum Optics. It is not a "continuation" of the Quantum Optics I class from the winter semester, although of course it is helpful if you took this class as some of the concepts will be used. The main prerequisites are quantum mechanics,  and some knowledge of atomic physics. Within the lecture there will be a weekly journal club to discuss scientific literature related to the topics discussed. In addition, problem sets will be handed out and discussed.

Journal Club

In the weekly journal club we will discuss original publications related to the course. The papers will be announced in the problem sets or the web site. This is a heavily interactive format, it is expected that you read and think about the papers before the class, and contribute to the discussion in the class. Often, we will provide additional information to help with the papers.


Quantum mechanics, as well as basic knowledge in atomic physics and electromagnetism. Having taken Quantum Optics I in the Winter semester is useful, but not required.


We offer the course as a “Wahlpflichtvorlesung” within the Physics Masters program of LMU. You will be graded through oral or written examinations at the end of the course. Active participation in the tutorials and the Journal club is expected!

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