Ultracold Quantum Gases WS 2020/21

Lecture WS 2020/21, Simon Fölling


  • Zoom and moodle keys: if you registered via LSF, then you should have received an e-mail at some point, which contains the access to the Zoom session for the lecture (and the moodle access key). If not, or if you cannot use LSF yet, please send an e-mail!  (the e-mail was sent to your University-E-Mail account. In some cases with forwarding, people find it in gmail/yahoo/gmx spam folders)
  • Date and time change!! We unfortunately had to change the dates and times slightly. Please find the new lecture times below.
  • Welcome to the "Ultracold Quantum Gases" lecture! Stay tuned for more information to come...

About this Lecture

The course gives an introduction into the field of ultracold quantum gases. The lectures are combined with a weekly journal club, where we discuss original publications related to the lecture. Additional problem sets supplement the course.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the lecture as well as the tutorials will be held online, as far as we can see for the entire semester.

The technical / organizational requirements are as follows:

  • Please register to the course via LSF (LMU students) or analog (other QST students), and make sure you read your campus e-mail account in order to get notifications from this system.
  • We will probably use the Zoom videoconferencing system, so you will need a working Zoom client with Microphone/Camera. You should use the Zoom access via the university, as that has the most capabilities

Times and Places


When: Monday 2pm - 4pm c.t. via Zoom   (Please not the change of the day and time!)
              Tuesday 12pm - 2pm c.t.  via Zoom

Plase note that we had to change the date and times of the lecture compared to the originally planned ones. The times given here are the new ones.


The tutorials will also take place virtually for the time being. The tutors will set up the video links, and contact you with the information.

Tutorial times: Thu 12:15 (A) and Fri 12:15 (B)

Journal Club

When: Usually Thursdays 3pm-4pm

In the (approximately) weekly journal club we will discuss original publications related to the course. The selected papers will be posted on the Website and should be read prior to the Journal Club. In weeks without journal club a regular lecture will be held instead.


Basic knowledge in atomic physics and quantum mechanics. Knowledge in statistical physics is helpful but not required

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