Tutorials & Problem Sets

Time & Place

  • Group 1: Wednesday 14-16 in H107
  • Group 2: Thursday 12-14 in N110

Problem Sets

The problem sets will usually be online on Mondays some time after the lecture. Please hand in your solutions by giving them to me directly in the lecture on Mondays or before the lecture before H226 (Schellingstr. 4).

Please write your name and group number on the solution!

Additional Information

An active participation in the tutorials and the Journal club is expected.

Active participation in the tutorials means that you should hand in reasonably good answers to around two thirds  the problems given over the semester, and, can present your answer in the tutorial. "Reasonably good answers" means that it does not matter if the answer is not entirely correct, as long as a reasonable Ansatz and corresponding calculation are shown. You should also usually participate in those tutorial classes for which you have handed in a problem set, and everyone should present problems during the semester.

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