Quantum Optics WS 2019/20

Lecture WS 2019/20, Monika Aidelsburger


  • If you cannot come to the university today due to the bad weather conditions, please let us know and we will find a new date for the exam!
  • Oral exams will take place on Monday Feb. 10 and Tusday Feb. 11 (place: Schellingstr. 4, second floor, room H229)

Time and Place

Monday 14-16 c.t. in B 101 (Theresienstraße 39)
Wednesday 12-14 c.t. in H 030 (Schellingstr. 4)

Welcome to Quantum Optics I

The course gives an introduction into the field of Quantum optics and is targeted towards Master students in Physics. The lectures are combined with a weekly journal club, where we discuss original publications related to the course. Additional problem sets supplement the course.



  1. Semiclassical Light-Atom-Interaction, Optical Bloch Equations
  2. Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field, (Fock States, Coherent States, Squeezed States) 
  3. Quantized Light-Atom Interaction: Jaynes-Cummings-Model
  4. Dressed State Picture
  5. Quantum-Rabi Oscillations
  6. Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics, Nondestructive Detection of a Photon
  7. Wigner-Weisskopf-Theory of Spontaneous Emission 
  8. Resonance Fluorescence, Mollow Triplett
  9. Three Level Systems, STIRAP, EIT, LWI
  10. Classical Coherence Theory
  11. Correlations and Photon Statistics
  12. Spatial and Temporal Coherence
  13. Intensity Fluctuations, Hanbury Brown & Twiss Experiment
  14. Entanglement, EPR Experiments and Bell's Inequalities
  15. Schrödinger Cat States
  16. Quantum Teleportation
  17. Laser Cooling of Atoms and Ions
  18. Basic elements of quantum information processing
  19. Quantum Cryptography



Basic knowledge in atomic physics and quantum mechanics.

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