Positions / Join us

Positions / Join us

We offer different positions for working in our group starting at the Bachelor, Master level all the way to Doctoral and Postdoctoral careers.

Student interns (HiWi)

In our group, we are constantly looking for student assistants for ongoing projects.
The work includes small electronical projects, building optical (laser) setups, as well as projects relating to measurement and regulation technology.
These tasks offer a great opportunity to get to know our group and our research better. Jobs as a student assistant in our group are popular, and therefore we encourage you to apply early on.

Masters students

You are looking for a challenging project in the field of quantum optics or ultracold quantum gases? Starting with a masters thesis project is a good opportunity to enter the field and learn more about our interdisciplinary research at the interface of quantum optics, quantum information processing and condensed matter physics.

If you are a motivated student with a good background in quantum mechanics (possibly but not necessarily quantum optics), please contact Prof. Bloch to discuss currently available projects.

PhD positions (Doktoranden)

We constantly have openings for PhD students on several of our projects. Ideally, we are seeking applicants who have already worked in a laser lab before or have a strong background in quantum optics, quantum mechanics or condensed matter physics.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in joining any one of our research projects.

PhD position funded by the Hector Fellow Academy
Apply for a PhD position under supervision of Professor Bloch with a self-developed research project.

International Max-Planck Research School on Quantum Science and Technology (QST)
We are participating in the IMPRS on QST hosted by MPQ, LMU and TUM, which also offers a specialized training in Quantum Science and Technology in addition to yout lab work. You can apply directy apply to the graduate school or by or participate in it by applying yo our group directly.


You have just finished your PhD thesis and are looking for a postdoctoral research opportunity in the field of ultracold quantum gases? Please contact Prof. Bloch to find out more about our current openings.

Contact & Submitting your application

Please send your application (including CV, publications list and possible recommendations) as a PDF file via Email to: immanuel.bloch@mpq.mpg.de

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