Quantum Optics Group (LMU) - Quantum Many Body Systems Division (MPQ)


The tutorials are Tuesdays, at 16:00 in room H107, Schellingstr. 4. Please send us an e-mail if you still want to join.


Problem Sets

  1. Problem set (Due May 9th)
  2. Problem set (Due May 16th)
  3. Problem set (Due May 23rd)
  4. Problem set (Due May 31st)
  5. Problem set (Due June 14th)
  6. Problem set (Due June 21st)
  7. Problem set (originally part 3)
  8. Problem set (Due July 5th)
  9. Problem set (Due July 11)
  10. Problem set (Due July 19)




The course is offered as a "Wahlpflichtvorlesung" within the Physics Masters program of LMU. Grading will be done through written or oral examinations at the end of the course. An active participation in the tutorials and the Journal club is required to take the final examination!

Rules: Active participation in the tutorials means that you need to hand in reasonably good answers to at least two thirds of the problems given over the semester, and, can present your answer in the tutorial. "Reasonably good answers" means that it does not matter if the answer is not entirely correct, as long as a reasonable Ansatz and corresponding calculation are shown. You should also usually participate in those tutorial class for which you have handed in a problem set, and every participant needs to present at least one problem on the blackboard in the tutorial class during the semester.