Quantum Optics Group (LMU) - Quantum Many Body Systems Division (MPQ)

Lecture: Advanced Ultracold Quantum Gases

Dr. Simon Fölling

The course gives an overview of the field of ultracold quantum gases. The lectures are combined with a weekly journal club, where we discuss original publications related to the lecture. Additional problem sets supplement the course. For more information on the content, see the "About Lecture" section. 



  • Welcome to the "Advanced Ultracold Quantum Gases" lecture!
  • The information about selecting tutorial times is now in the "Tutorials" section


Times and Places



When: Tuesday 2pm - 4pm c.t.  in H107
            Thursday 2pm - 4pm c.t. in H107



To be determined in the first week of classes.


The tutorials will also take place in room H107 (same as the lecture). The time will be determined in the first lecture. For more information on tutorials, problem sets and grading, see section "Tutorials, Problem Sets".


Journal Club

When: Usually Thursdays 3pm-4pm

In the (approximately) weekly journal club we will discuss original publications related to the course. The selected papers will be posted on the Website and should be read prior to the Journal Club. In weeks without journal club a regular lecture will be held instead.



Most importantly: Quantum mechanics.

Additionally: Basic knowledge in atomic physics. Knowledge in statistical physics, quantum optics or ulatrcold atoms is helpful but not required. (Also see About this lecture)