Quantum Optics Group (LMU) - Quantum Many Body Systems Division (MPQ)

Tutorials and Problem Sets


There will be two dates for the tutorials, both taking place in H107, Schellingstraße 4:


Monday 8-10

Tuesday 16-18


From the email poll we get roughly equal group sizes if all of you who indicated availability on the Monday really pick that date.

The tutorials start in the week of the 15th of May.


Problem Sets

The problem sets are due on Tuesdays in the Lecture, and will be returned in the tutorials. Alternatively the sets can be returned before the end of the Tuesdays lecture in the letter box marked with "Advanced Quantum Optics" near Ildiko Kecskesi's office (H226).


Problem set rules

You need to hand in reasonably good answers to at least two thirds of the problems given over the semester, and can present your answer in the class. "Reasonably good answers" means that it does not matter if the answer is not entirely correct, as long as a reasonable ansatz and corresponding calculation are shown. You should also be present in the tutorial class if you have handed in a problem set, and every participant needs to present at least one problem on the blackboard in the tutorial class during the semester.



Problem sets will usually be made available online on Tuesdays some time after the lecture.

 There will be no problem set 11. Please use the time and go over your notes, also in preparation for the exam. The last tutorial in the semester is reserved to the discussion of questions you bring up.