Quantum Optics Group (LMU) - Quantum Many Body Systems Division (MPQ)

Publications 2007

State preparation and dynamics of ultracold atoms in higher lattice orbitals

Authors: Torben Mueller, Simon Foelling, Artur Widera, Immanuel Bloch

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 200405 (2007)

Preparation and detection of magnetic quantum phases in optical superlattices

Authors: A. M. Rey, V. Gritsev, I. Bloch, E. Demler, M.D. Lukin

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 140601 (2007)

Direct Observation of Second Order Atom Tunnelling

Authors: S. Foelling, S. Trotzky, P. Cheinet, M. Feld, R. Saers, A. Widera, T. Mueller, I. Bloch

Magazine: Nature 448, 1029-1032 (2007)

Visibility of a Bose-condensed gas released from an optical lattice at finite temperatures

Authors: Fabrice Gerbier, Simon Foelling, Artur Widera, Immanuel Bloch

Magazine: arXiv:0701.420

Coherent and incoherent spectral broadening in a photonic crystal fiber

Authors: Christian Gross, Thorsten Best, Dries van Oosten, and Immanuel Bloch

Magazine: Optics Letters 32, 1767 (2007)

Informationen aus dem Quantenrauschen

Authors: Tim Rom

Magazine: Physik in unserer Zeit 38, 112 (2007)