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Many-body interferometry of a Rydberg-dressed spin lattice

Authors: J. Zeiher, R. van Bijnen, P. Schauß, S. Hild, J.-y. Choi, T. Pohl, I. Bloch, C. Gross

Magazine: Nature Physics 12, 1095–109 (2016)

Exploring the many-body localization transition in two dimensions

Authors: J.-y. Choi, S. Hild, J. Zeiher, P. Schauß, A. Rubio-Abadal, T. Yefsah, V. Khemani, D. A. Huse, I. Bloch, C. Gross

Magazine: Science 352, 1547 (2016)

Microscopic Characterization of Scalable Coherent Rydberg Superatoms

Authors: J. Zeiher, P. Schauß, S. Hild, T. Macrì, I. Bloch, C. Gross

Magazine: Phys. Rev. X 5, 031015 (2015)

Spatially Resolved Detection of a Spin-Entanglement Wave in a Bose-Hubbard Chain

Authors: Takeshi Fukuhara, Sebastian Hild, Johannes Zeiher, Peter Schauß, Immanuel Bloch, Manuel Endres, and Christian Gross

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 035302 (2015), DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.115.035302

High-resolution imaging of ordering in Rydberg many-body systems

Authors: Peter Schauß

Magazine: PhD thesis, LMU München: Fakultät für Physik

Crystallization in Ising quantum magnets

Authors: P. Schauß, J. Zeiher, T. Fukuhara, S. Hild, M. Cheneau, T. Macrì, T. Pohl, I. Bloch, and C. Gross

Magazine: Science 347, 1455 (2015), DOI: 10.1126/science.1258351

Far-from-equilibrium spin transport in Heisenberg quantum magnets

Authors: Sebastian Hild, Takeshi Fukuhara, Peter Schauß, Johannes Zeiher, Michael Knap, Eugene Demler, Immanuel Bloch, Christian Gross

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 147205 (2014)

Crystallization in Ising quantum magnets

Authors: Peter Schauß, Johannes Zeiher, Takeshi Fukuhara, Sebastian Hild, Marc Cheneau, Tommaso Macrì, Thomas Pohl, Immanuel Bloch, Christian Gross

Magazine: Science 347, 1455 (2015)

Microscopic observation of magnon bound states and their dynamics

Authors: Takeshi Fukuhara, Peter Schauß, Manuel Endres, Sebastian Hild, Marc Cheneau, Immanuel Bloch and Christian Gross

Magazine: Nature 502, 76–79 (2013)

Single-site- and single-atom-resolved measurement of correlation functions

Authors: M. Endres, M. Cheneau, T. Fukuhara, C. Weitenberg, P. Schauß, C. Gross, L. Mazza, M. C. Banuls, L.Pollet, I. Bloch, S. Kuhr

Magazine: Appl. Phys. B, 'Online First' (2013) DOI 10.1007/s00340-013-5552-9

Quantum dynamics of a mobile spin impurity

Authors: Takeshi Fukuhara, Adrian Kantian, Manuel Endres, Marc Cheneau, Peter Schauß, Sebastian Hild, David Bellem, Ulrich Schollwöck, Thierry Giamarchi, Christian Gross, Immanuel Bloch and Stefan Kuhr

Magazine: Nature Physics 9, 235-241 (2013)

Observation of Spatially Ordered Structures in a Two-Dimensional Rydberg Gas

Authors: P. Schauss, M. Cheneau, M. Endres, T. Fukuhara, S. Hild, A. Omran, T. Pohl, C. Gross, S. Kuhr, and I. Bloch

Magazine: Nature 491, 87 (2012)

The ‘Higgs’ amplitude mode at the two-dimensional superfluid/Mott insulator transition

Authors: M. Endres,T. Fukuhara,D. Pekker,M. Cheneau,P. Schauβ, C. Gross, E. Demler, S. Kuhr, and I. Bloch

Magazine: Nature 487, 454–458, (2012)

Light-cone-like spreading of correlations in a quantum many-body system

Authors: M. Cheneau, P. Barmettler, D. Poletti, M. Endres, P. Schauß, T. Fukuhara, C. Gross, I. Bloch, C. Kollath, S. Kuhr

Magazine: Nature 481, 484 (2012)

Observation of Correlated Particle-Hole Pairs and String Order in Low-Dimensional Mott Insulators

Authors: M. Endres, M. Cheneau, T. Fukuhara, C. Weitenberg, P. Schauß, C. Gross, L. Mazza, M.C. Banuls, L. Pollet, I. Bloch, S. Kuhr

Magazine: Science 334, 200 (2011)

Coherent light scattering from a two-dimensional Mott insulator

Authors: C. Weitenberg, P. Schauß, T. Fukuhara, M. Cheneau, M. Endres, I. Bloch, S. Kuhr

Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 215301 (2011)

Single-Spin Addressing in an Atomic Mott Insulator

Authors: C. Weitenberg, M. Endres, J. F. Sherson, M. Cheneau, P. Schauß, T. Fukuhara, I. Bloch, S. Kuhr

Magazine: Nature 471, 319 (2011)