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Spin Dependent Transport

Controlled interactions with spin dependent lattice potentials

Controlled interactions between atoms on different lattice sites can be realized with the help of spin-dependent lattice potentials. In such spin dependent potentials, atoms in a, let us say, blue internal state experience a different lattice potential than atoms in a red internal state. These lattices can be moved relative to each other such that two initially separated atoms can be brought into controlled contact with each other.

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Delocalizing an atom by hand

With the help of a series of π/2- and π microwave pulses together an electro-optical modulator (EOM) it is possible to delocalize an atom in a completely controlled way over an arbitrary number of lattice site.

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Matter wave interference patterns of atoms that have been coherently split over different lattice sites

By releasing the coherently split atom from the lattice trapping potential one can observe a double slit intereference pattern. This period of such an interference pattern becomes shortert the further the two wavepackets ahve been separated

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