Quantum Optics Group (LMU) - Quantum Many Body Systems Division (MPQ)

Optical Lattices

Multiple Matter Wave Interference Pattern
from a 1D and 2D Optical Lattice Potential

Matter wave interference pattern from a (top Row) 1D vertical lattice, (middle row) 1D horizontal lattice and (bottom row) from a 2D horizontal+vertical optical lattice. Lattice potential depth increases from left to right.

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Multiple Matter Wave Interference Pattern from a 2D Optical Lattice Showing s-Wave Scattering Spheres

After switching off an optical lattice with a high density of atoms, s-wave scattering spheres become visible (here eight are clearly visible) due to collisions of the atoms in the different separating momentum components.

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Phase Grating for Atoms

By pulsing on a 2D optical lattice for a very short time, the condensate is projected onto several momentum components. Almost 80 of these momentum components can be seen on this image.

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Multiple Matter Wave Interference (Simulation)

Simulation of the multiple matter wave interference pattern of a small lattice (5x5 lattice sites) after the lattice potential has been turned off.

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